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Founded in 2005, Matthews | DCCM has become the largest civil engineering firm based in St. Johns County and offers comprehensive services throughout Florida. We have earned a solid reputation for providing high-quality, innovative solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. This reputation of dedication, technical experience, and a proven record of success has allowed us to work under numerous continuing services contracts as an extension of our client’s staff. Learn about our services and see how we can help build your vision from the ground up.

Our staff sets us apart, and developing long-term business relationships is essential. Our employees are dedicated to our clients, co-workers, and community. With continuous training in current technology and encouragement to be innovative, our employees are our most treasured assets. We appreciate our clients and employees for contributing to our continued success.

Together we are actively working to better our community.

Intentionality has a ripple effect. From day one, we have put effort into building an internal culture that would impact our external world. Our culture is what drives our firm, for we are better together. When Matthews | DCCM is part of your team, you don't just have a design firm, you have an award-winning culture and team dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Billy Almaguer, PE, VP of Culture and Innovation

The heart of Matthews | DCCM is its people. We have created a company culture centered around growing and celebrating our employees. We foster a fun-spirited work environment and emphasize ensuring people feel valued, respected, and empowered and are afforded the tools and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

At Matthews | DCCM, we prioritize our employees, fostering respect, autonomy, and empowerment. We invest in their growth through various training programs and professional development opportunities, recognizing that their success drives ours. Beyond work, we promote a healthy work/life balance, celebrating personal milestones and offering flexible schedules. Our commitment to cultivating a positive culture has earned us the honor of being recognized as a #1 Best Place to Work.

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We are dedicated to providing services that foster responsible growth. Our mission is centered on supporting and guiding individuals, organizations, and communities towards sustainable development.


Our vision is to play a pivotal role in building and shaping a better future. We aspire to contribute to positive change by leveraging our expertise and resources to create lasting impacts on society and the world around us.


We actively enhance our community, foster meaningful connections, approach our work with passion, and prioritize a balanced life, ensuring our commitment to excellence in everything we do.

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