The heart of Matthews | DCCM is its people. We have created a company culture centered around growing and celebrating our employees. We foster a fun-spirited work environment and emphasize ensuring people feel valued, respected, and empowered and are afforded the tools and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

At Matthews | DCCM, we put our employees first. As individuals, we focus on giving them the respect, freedom, and tools they need to thrive. As a team, we empower them to speak up, share their ideas, and take ownership in improving our company.

We are devoted to growing each employee through ongoing training and professional development. We provide in-house training, mentoring programs, business and technical education workshops, and seminars/conferences to every staff member. Our goal is to give our employees opportunities to grow in their fields because their success is our success.

Our focus continues beyond a professional level, though. We value the importance of a work/life balance and genuinely want people to look forward to coming to work every day. This balance is found in a multitude of ways. In the office, we celebrate personal milestones, birthdays, life events, and company-sponsored lunches and events. We provide flexible work schedules and encourage our employees to put their families and health first. Out of the office, we offer company-sponsored events to our staff and their families.

The culture at Matthews | DCCM is something we work towards every day. This dedication has earned us recognition as a #1 Best Place to Work.

I enjoy working and growing at [Matthews | DCCM] because it offers a great work/life balance, and to have that feature gives me, as a full-time employee and a part-time student, the benefit of being able to juggle both work and school comfortably.

Michael Sommers, Jr.

CAD Designer

From a college intern to a full-time employee, [Matthews | DCCM] has provided countless opportunities to gain experience through daily mentorship and biweekly technical training in an office environment that is friendly, supportive, and encouraging. Since every project is unique, I am fortunate to draw from the experience, knowledge, and skills of fellow [Matthews | DCCM] engineers who are dedicated to client satisfaction.

Brynna Bartlett

Project Engineer

mission & Values

Our Mission & Values are the backbone of our business and at the core of each project.


We donate countless hours, dollars, and services to non-profit organizations in local communities each year.


We invest in hiring people with the best talent and personality consistent with the core values, integrity, and positivity of Matthews | DCCM.