The heart of MDG is its people. We have created a company culture that is centered around growing and celebrating our employees. We foster a fun-spirited work environment and put an emphasis on ensuring people feel valued, respected, and empowered and are afforded the tools and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Our successes are attributed to what sets us apart from others, which is our focus on employees as individuals. We cultivate self-management by giving our employees the respect, freedom, and tools they need to thrive. We empower our employees to speak up, share ideas, and take part in making MDG better. 

We invest heavily in providing ongoing training and professional development to all staff at every level, including weekly in-house training, mentoring programs, business and technical education workshops, and seminars/conferences. We are devoted to growing each employee.

We celebrate our personal milestones, birthdays, and life events together. We value the importance of work/life balance and truly want people to look forward to coming into work every day. Engineering Better Communities is what we do and creating the best work environment and team is how we do it.

MDG is unlike any other firm I have ever worked at or been associated with. Working at MDG is like working with your friends...except you actually get things done! I like how I can contribute to the success of the firm in a variety of ways. The sky truly is the limit and I truly believe the best days are ahead for MDG.

Billy Almaguer

Chief Growth Officer

I really feel like we are one crazy family that truly looks out for everyone.

Dylan Scanlon

Project Engineer

My favorite parts of working at MDG are the people, connectedness, and sense of humor and camaraderie felt throughout the company.

Sharla Remick

Project Coordinator

mission & Values

A focus on growing our people, along with our vision “To build and shape a better future”, has been the foundation of our success. Our Mission & Values is the backbone of our business and at the core of each project.


Not only are we employee and client-focused, but our dedication and service extends into what we do for our community. We strongly believe in our responsibility to give back. MDG donates countless hours, dollars, and engineering services to non-profit organizations in local communities each year.


It is the simple things that set us apart – we are honest, fair, treat people the way we want to be treated. We invest in hiring people that have both the best talent and possess a personality that is consistent with the core values and positive vibe of MDG.