Landscape Architecture

We believe that landscape architecture plays a vital role in shaping the built environment, and we strive to design landscapes that harmonize with the surrounding natural elements while fulfilling the project’s objectives.

Why Choose Us

Local Knowledge, National Team

We have 40+ professionals locally, with the support of 1,000 professionals across the country.


We have a certified arborist on staff to provide expertise in tree care, site assessments, tree preservation, and regulatory compliance.

Multidisciplinary Firm

We offer multiple services that can help your project move from concept to completion which saves you money and time.

Our Services

We understand that landscapes must not only be visually appealing but also practical and sustainable. Our landscape architecture team employs the best practices to minimize water usage, enhance biodiversity, and implement eco-friendly design strategies. We strive to create landscapes that offer long-term value, conserve resources, and contribute to the well-being of communities and the environment.

Our landscape architecture services encompass site planning, conceptual design, detailed design development, planting design, hardscape design, irrigation design, and construction oversight. We leverage advanced software and technologies to produce comprehensive design plans and visualizations that bring your vision to life.

We engage with clients, architects, engineers, and stakeholders to ensure a seamless integration of the landscape design with the overall project objectives. 

Enhanced Landscape Design
Irrigation Design & Recommendations
Hardscape Design
Tree Evaluation / Arborist
Mitigation Plans
Play Space Area Design
Landscape Revitalization
Commercial and Retail Projects
Religious Institutions
Multifamily Residential Projects
Recreation Planning and Design
Community Parks
Medical Facilities
Academic Campuses
Transportation Facilities
Assisted Living Facilities
Construction Administration

Our Landscape leader

Our team combines artistic vision with technical expertise, resulting in thoughtful designs that enhance the user experience, promote social interaction, and create memorable outdoor spaces. Additionally, our team includes a certified arborist who specializes in tree preservation, providing expert guidance on tree selection, planting, and maintenance to ensure the integration of healthy and thriving trees within the landscape design.

Eric Lanehart, PLA, ISA

Director of Landscape Architecture

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Do you have a landscape architecture project? We would love to partner with you to make your project a success.