MDG Fumigation

aka death circus

Packing Instructions

Please take a moment to pack your boxes for the office fumigation! You should have received TWO boxes to pack up your office/desk, along with some instructions and a marker. There should be someone with bubble wrap and tape around you. If you don’t have any of these things, or need more boxes, please let Rachel or Kristy know.

Please make sure to distribute the weight in your boxes as to not make one too heavy to carry.

Once you’ve packed your box, please be sure to do the following:

  • Tape up your box.
  • On two sides, write your first and last name follow by the box number (ie., Box 1 of 2, Box 2 of 2) so that we can keep track of your boxes, and nothing is lost.
  • Take your taped box downstairs to the area behind the PCs (with the white Ikea desks). We will ensure your stuff is moved from this point.

Things to note:

  • If it’s left in your office, we will assume that you left it intentionally. So, any boxes not moved downstairs will be left in the building during fumigation.
  • If you will need it for remote work, please do not pack it.
  • If you do not want to pack it up, it will need to go home with you.
  • All plants will need to be taken home during this time.

I.T. Assessment

Before working remotely, make sure that you are equipped to do so. If you need anything, please contact Billy by December 13th.

  • VPN Access

  • Laptop and Charger

  • Computer Dock

  • Mouse and Keyboard

  • Monitors (you can have up to two)

  • Cords and Plugs

  • Company Equipment Agreement

    Before taking anything home, fill out this form, print, sign, and deliver to Billy. Click the linked title above to access the form.

  • Test Everything

    Make sure that you test your set up before the 13th to ensure that everything works as expected.

What should I pack?

Inside your boxes, pack up everything on and inside your desk, including drawers and shelving. This includes anything that you don’t want left in the building during fumigation. 

Everything will go except:

  • Bulky furniture (desk, bookshelves, pedestals, chairs etc.)
  • Chairs
  • Monitors
  • Phones

Have questions? Email the Marketing department.


Totally up to you! If you don’t pack up anything, we’ll assume you meant to leave it. The boxes have been provided to you in case you want to, but if you don’t need them, please return them downstairs to the back room behind the PCs. Please note that anything left in the office will be exposed to the chemicals used in the fumigation process. Desks, walls, etc. will be cleaned, but personal items and papers won’t be!

Boxes have been distributed to you so that you can pack up what is not needed right now. Because we will be packing up the whole office, it’s best not to wait until the last minute if you can avoid it. We have a POD being delivered to the office, so when it arrives, we will start loading it up with anything that is pre-packed.

Unfortunately, the PCs and Marketing staff will be using available time to pack up the common areas of the office, along with our own desks, so we won’t have the availability to help everyone. We do understand that everyone is busy, which is why the boxes were delivered so early. Take 10-15 minutes every day to pack up a little and you’ll have it all packed in no time. We will also be sending out a calendar invite to reserve 2 hours of your time on December 15th.

Please take you packed, taped, and labeled box(es) downstairs to the back area behind Kerry Vance’s desk. You’ll see a stack of moving boxes to know you’re in the right place. Just stack them there as neatly as possible. If you have leftover boxes, please add them back to the stack.

We will take everything out of the POD and deliver what was labeled yours back to your desk for you.