Waffle House

Jacksonville, florida

Matthews Design Group (MDG) completed engineering and site design for a Waffle House Restaurant in Jacksonville, FL. The project’s scope of work included site planning with ADA compliance, construction plans, and permitting services. Construction plan elements comprise demolition, grading, stormwater conveyance systems, paving and utilities. MDG provided a Mobility Fee Calculation Certificate (MFCC) and the Concurrency Reservation Certificate (CRC) to determine the impact the proposed development will have on the City of Jacksonville’s infrastructure and determine fee amounts to offset any demand deficiencies. Due to the high turnover efficiency with Waffle House Restaurants, MDG sought an Administrative Deviation from the City of Jacksonville for increased parking over the maximum allowed per City Code. As part of its permitting services, MDG secured all permits required by local and state agencies.

Services Provided

  • Site design
  • Construction plans for demolition, grading, stormwater conveyance systems, paving and utilities
  • Permitting with City of Jacksonville, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and Florida Department of Transportation