County Road 223 Redesign

St. Johns County, florida

Matthews Design Group (MDG) redesigned a three-mile section of what will become a four-lane divided highway to correct groundwater and road elevation problems discovered during the road’s initial construction. MDG’s road redesign encompassed a complete review of the stormwater management system, as well as a complete resurvey and geotechnical review of the road design to assure proper road elevation. Road design included sidewalks and bike paths along both sides of the right-of-way. MDG coordinated its review and redesign with the client and the ultimate owner, St. Johns County, to minimize reconstruction costs and achieve optimal road design to minimize future road maintenance.

MDG presented several design solutions to minimize tear-out and reconstruction costs of the existing stormwater system and roadway, saving the client money by substantially reducing construction costs.

Services Provided

  • Roadway design
  • Stormwater modeling and design
  • Sidewalk design (3+ miles)
  • Permitting with St. Johns County and St. Johns River Water Management District