Town of Hastings Sanitary Sewer Improvements

hastings, florida

Matthews Design Group (MDG) provided jet cleaning of 8 inch clay main 390 linear feet from manhole to manhole, video inspection and location of existing connections, installation of 390 linear feet of 8-inch cured in place pipe lining from manhole to manhole, re-instating existing connections with robotic cutter, and televising and recording onto DVD.

Services Provided

  • Coordination with St. Johns County, Engineer and Contractor
  • Prepare request for funds for the County’s review and execution
  • Maintain an independent set of financial records for the project
  • Provide a monthly financial recap of project expenditures including obligated funds and reconcile financial records with the County.
  • Prepare all required program reports including project closeout
  • Insure Davis-Bacon, and other Federal Wage compliance requirements are met by the contractors