Carolina & North Peachtree Improvements

Hastings, florida

Matthews Design Group (MDG) completed engineering and design for roadway and utility improvements for Carolina Street and North Peachtree Street in Hastings, Florida. The proposed roadway improvements included the construction of a 20-foot wide roadway with roadside swales, underground utilities, and wet detention pond. Either roadside dry detention swales or a wet detention pond serve approximately 0.53-acre of impervious areas. Water main extensions provide a loop road between existing main roads and serve the 19 lots fronting the roadways. A gravity sewer collection system and pump station with a force main connect to an existing gravity collection system and provide future sewer connections per the Town of Hastings request.

Services Provided

  • Roadway and utility design
  • Roadside swale stormwater treatment and conveyance system design
  • Lift station design
  • Permitting with town of Hastings, St. Johns River Water Management District, and Florida Department of Environmental Protection