At Matthews | DCCM, we understand the importance of strategic planning in shaping the built environment. Our planners develop customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each project.

Why Choose Us

Local Knowledge, National Team

We have 40+ professionals locally, with the support of 1,000 professionals across the country.

Knowledgable and Qualified Team

Our firm is FDOT pre-qualified and our leaders hold multiple FDOT certifications.

Multidisciplinary Firm

We offer multiple services that can help your project move from concept to completion which saves you money and time.

Our Services

From conceptualization to implementation, our planning services cover a wide range of areas. We conduct thorough site analyses, evaluate zoning regulations, and create master plans that optimize land use, transportation systems, and public spaces.

Our team leverages advanced tools, GIS technology, and data-driven analysis to inform decision-making and optimize project outcomes. By considering factors such as sustainability, community engagement, and economic viability, we design plans that balance growth, environmental stewardship, and quality of life.

Whether it’s a residential development, commercial project, or public infrastructure, our planners collaborate with architects, engineers, and other professionals to ensure seamless integration of planning objectives within the broader project scope. This collaborative approach fosters cohesive and sustainable designs that meet the evolving needs of communities.

Master Planning
Zoning Regulations / Rezoning Applications
Land Use Policy Recommendations
Public Meetings
Community Engagement
Feasibility Studies
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Mixed-Use & Transit Development Planning
Collaboration with Stakeholders
Social Impact Assessments
Green Infrastructure Planning
Community Planning
Due Diligence
Urban Design & Redevelopment
Growth Management Plans
Economic Development Strategies
Citizen/Public Workshops

Our Planning leaders

Our team of experienced planners at Matthews | DCCM specialize in land use planning, urban design, and zoning analysis. They work collaboratively to create vibrant and thriving communities that are not only visually appealing but also functional, sustainable, and conducive to a high quality of life.

Autumn Martinage

Senior Planner

Christina Evans

Senior Planner

Work With Us

Do you have an idea for a new project? We would love to partner with you to make your project a success.