Amazon Distribution Center Roadway Improvements

Jacksonville, Florida

Matthews | DCCM served as the offsite improvements subconsultant providing engineering services to improve Pecan Park Road, Duval Road (SR 243), and the offramp onto Duval Road from I-295 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Numerous improvements to Pecan Park Road required a complete vertical and horizontal realignment of 0.5 miles of roadway, intersection improvements, widening of multiple turn lanes, signal modification, full access driveway connections, utility relocation, drainage design, superelevation analysis, and pedestrian access design. Improvements also included a half-mile-long, 12-foot- wide multiuse path providing a safe and functional connection.

Design elements for Duval Road included widening for multiple turn lanes, signal modifications, intersection improvements at Pecan Park Road, median conversion from full access to directional access, and driveway connection design. Challenges during construction included addressing utility conflicts and swale grading.

As part of its scope of work, Matthews | DCCM prepared construction plans which included demolition, grading and earthwork, paving, erosion control, S&PM, and MOT. A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) was also prepared.

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