St. Augustine Marine Center

St. Augustine, Florida

Our endeavor to expand the St. Augustine Marine Center stands as a transformative initiative, revitalizing a pivotal maritime hub adjacent to the St. Augustine Inlet. Extensive groundwork, including due diligence, conceptual site planning, surveying, and architectural renderings, has laid the foundation for this ambitious project.

Currently, we are advancing through the permitting process and concurrently refining comprehensive architectural designs, complementing finalized rezoning and construction plans. This meticulous approach ensures that the Marine Center will undergo essential infrastructure upgrades, berth expansions, and the introduction of cutting-edge amenities, all aimed at enriching functionality and customer experience.

Distinct from conventional industrial boat storage environments, the design ethos of the marina expansion is centered around community engagement. From a café-style restaurant to storefront shopping areas, the expanded facility seeks to reinvigorate neighboring communities and foster a vibrant waterfront atmosphere.

As we progress towards the implementation phase, ongoing collaboration with stakeholders and regulatory bodies remains paramount. This ensures that the Marine Center’s expansion aligns seamlessly with community needs and environmental considerations, securing its long-term viability and success as a cornerstone of St. Augustine’s maritime identity.

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