St. Johns Marketplace: Marketplace Drive & Resort Way

St. Augustine, Florida

St. Johns Marketplace, located off SR 207 in St. Augustine, has experienced substantial changes to both the infrastructure and development. We are proud to have contributed our expertise in master infrastructure design and permitting to facilitate the division and development of the entire marketplace property into individual parcels. Our comprehensive services encompassed the establishment of a robust backbone roadway system, featuring two main roadways: Marketplace Drive and Resort Way.

Marketplace Drive spans an impressive length of approximately 4,000 feet, running parallel to I-95. This road was meticulously designed to accommodate traffic needs, initially configured as a 4-lane divided urban section tapering into a 2-lane urban section. To enhance safety and accessibility, both sections of Marketplace Drive are equipped with curb and gutter infrastructure, while a dedicated multi-use path has been incorporated to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists.

Stretching over approximately 2,000 feet, Resort Way complements the overall transportation network within the development. Primarily designed as a 2-lane urban section, Resort Way seamlessly connects to the RV Resort/Campground, while also extending the convenience of the multi-use path to its users.

With the successful completion of Marketplace Drive and Resort Way, our team addressed the immediate transportation needs for the development, which also establishing a framework for sustainable growth. These roads serve as essential roadway, facilitating seamless access to a multitude of commercial ventures and attracting a diverse range of businesses.

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