Veterans Parkway Extension and Widening

St. Johns, Florida

Matthews | DCCM provided professional engineering services associated with the widening and extension of Veterans Parkway.

The initial stage of this project involved the widening of an existing portion of Veterans Parkway, from North Durbin Parkway to Longleaf Pine Parkway, a distance of approximately 1.3 miles. Widening was from a two-lane undivided roadway to a four-lane divided highway and included associated drainage improvements and pedestrian/bicycle facility improvements.

Our team also provided services for the extension of the roadway. This new roadway extension required setting horizontal alignments and vertical profile geometry controls, which was based on FDOT design manual section 210 Arterials and Collectors. Additionally, the seasonal high ground water level was considered when designing the roadway profile geometry.

We engineered the extension of Veterans Parkway from Longleaf Pine Parkway to Stillwater Blvd, approximately 1.1 miles, and provided the County standard typical section for a four-lane divided Major Collector. This phase of the project also included major utility extensions for water, sewer, and reuse, which ultimately provided utility services for the Stillwater community.

Currently under construction is the extension from Stillwater Blvd to County Road 210. This portion of the extension is approximately 2 miles and is also a four-lane divided Major Collector.

Throughout all phases of this project, proper stormwater conveyance, attenuation, and treatment were provided via a closed pipe system and stormwater management facilities. Placement of proposed utility lines became a challenge to overcome since there was existing utilities/storm infrastructure in the area. Each proposed utility line needed to be carefully checked horizontally and vertically for conflicts and spacing requirements prior to construction.

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